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instead we have the 21st and the 22nd

offer for rodeo yep rodeo I feel like I

have a special place in my heart for

scholastic news because of it morning it

is Monday and it is a raining outside so


that means kids haven't been able to go

outside today for morning recess like

before school or morning recess or at

lunchtime today and then we also have PE

which we always go outside so that won't

happen too

so this weekend was Super Bowl weekend

Alex and I went to Phoenix Saturday and

Sunday and we didn't get back until

yesterday night so I did take my laptop

and my school stuff graded some things I

planned a little bit but I still don't

feel like I usually feel when I plan it

home day since the kids have computers

Mondays and Fridays have a little bit of

wiggle room in the morning so I prepped

some centers I forgot that I had bought

is like year-long bundle centers for ela

and math so I'm prepping them I saw some

more Instagram that someone puts their

centers like this to store so you can

see exactly what you have and I love

that stuff doing that so I was able to

prep and have some centers ready which

included contractions verb tenses and

syllables and then for math I have other

ones some happy that I have that bundle

I'll have a link down below in case

you're interested for a first grade like

year-long center bundle why my hair is

crazy but it's been raining all day

definitely sending now but it was

raining earlier um I bought these book

bin labels from learning in Wonderland

I've been wanting to do this for a while

but I never really thought it was

totally necessary I had other priorities

but now look at my library just just

look at it

that one is like almost completely empty

there just like all over the place and I

don't think how that looks so I'm gonna

have sign books to a certain bin and

hopefully that reduces to this chaos

okay I'm gonna laminate those book band

things and then I'm gonna and I'm gonna

clean up my classroom a little bit I

always say that but that's just what I

have to do and then I want to head out

by 3:30 3:45 the latest I can go to the

gym good morning it is Wednesday morning

and I did a vlog yesterday because I had

an appointment right after school

yesterday so I just left rained all

night and it's still raining so I'm

pretty sure we're not gonna be able to

go outside because the playgrounds all

what chips are like

muddy and it's just there's just puddles

everywhere so usually when that's the

case kids don't go outside and it sucks

because that was the case on Monday and

Monday and Wednesdays we have PE so we

weren't able to go outside for pee on


and I'm pretty sure we won't be able to

go outside for PE today so I guess I'll

do what I did on Monday and just play

duck-duck-goose in the cafeteria but our

space there is also not that big because

of the tables so we'll do a little bit

of that and then come back to the

classroom and then do like go noodles

maybe bread in this huge Amazon box it's

been in my office for quite a few months

now and I keep forgetting to bring it in

but now that I created those new centers

or printed out those new centers

I need those so I'm gonna go ahead and

print out some labels and then talk to

you later good morning I just realized I

didn't really vlog yesterday and that's

because I had a meeting after school I

don't know if I told you guys and then I

had to get to my puppy to get her second

round of shots before the vet closed so

I was in a hurry I woke up kinda late so

I didn't really do my hair I had like a

messy bun going on don't really like it

I showed you these little sticky balls

for suction balls last week and my vlog

and some of you were saying that you can

find these at Dollar Tree I've go to

look I got a Dollar Tree pretty often

and I've never seen them so if you're

interested maybe your Dollar Tree has

them if you if it doesn't I'll have them

linked down below in Amazon their cap

pricey for what they are I think I paid

like five

it's reach but it has been really fun to

have as in my classroom engagement

definitely has been up ever since I

introduced these so we played this game

right here it's past present future so

we've been learning about past tense

verbs and future present stuff like that

so my curriculum today called for

reading a sentence out loud and having

them determine if it was past present or


so what I did instead is I've made this

chart called two students up at a time

right at the sentenza

out loud twice and then when once I rang

a bell they went ahead and threw the

ball too right too tense then in order

to say up there after they get it right

they have to justify why it's that

answer so it was really fun my kids

loved it and I loved it

I hope it's not super loud too for the

teacher next door I don't think it is

but I am loving loving these I think I

told you I wanted to reorganize my

library and so for right now my library

is closed my kids still have books in

there Jo stripe offense but as far as

just like getting books from a library I

don't really want to have that happening

right now just because I'm trying to

label everything but I totally forgot to

tell that to the after school teachers

well I think some books may be out of

order I don't know yet I was also taping

the little labels myself because I

didn't have shipping labels but that is

just so much more work so I'm just gonna

go ahead and go to Walmart today after

work or some time today except meeting

after work - and just do that instead

because that was taking forever hey guys

it is obviously hours and hours later I

am home and laminating some things -

actually our Valentine's I'll show that

I will show them to you in a little bit

but I had a conference call that I had

to get to right after school so so I did

that got that out of the way I went to

Walmart to get some things for dinner

I started making dinner and now I'm here

so I am currently laminating with


that I want to show you I think I showed

you last year what I did so last year I

ordered some like light-up rings on

and I made like a little card it says

you really light up our classroom not my


I saw it somewhere like I'm Pinterest I

think I saw it somewhere because I'm not

to the screenshot of it but I didn't

take a screenshot of who posted it or

where I saw it

Pinterest I don't even know so I have

asked so right now I have a screenshot

of a screenshot so I did that and I had

also taken a screenshot of another

option that I wanted to do last year but

I didn't get to do that but I am doing

it this year so I'm gonna show you okay

some done setting up most of my

Valentines I just need the school ones

thinking you ate more but you'll like

them I'm not a huge fan how I take them

but you know what I mean they're not

really gonna care about that so this is

gonna be for my girls and says you

really light up for a classroom and I

bought these rings from Amazon and

they've just light up and they come in

different colors and good time this year

I'm adding these to the for the boys and

it just says it is really awesome to

have you in my class original when I saw

online and said you are really awesome

or something like that but because I'm

doing something like classroom later

here and want to do that do the same

thing on here so I'm attaching these

little cars so I think my students are

really gonna like these for staff I saw

some Instagram few weeks back and I

again I can't find it anymore but I am

doing something like this it says you

really make our school like having fun

happy Valentine's Day love miss animal

and I'm gonna put a pen like that and

then just stick it in everybody's mouth

box I will have a link in the

description box for these cars I think I

paid like four dollars for 12 of them

and as well as these I pay like four or

five dollars for 12 of these rings and

they light up okay so I just went super

deep into my photo albums my phone and

it found the original screen shot that I

took last year and it was from polka

dots please on Instagram and I just went

to her TPT store and she does have the

this version it's not exactly the same

does say you are really awesome and

they'd be great for a car like this and

it's free so I'll link it down below and

she also has other great options I think

she has a couple more options that are

also free unfortunately I could not find

this one on her store so I don't know

she just never posted it but like I said

I'll have her store link down below good

morning it is Friday and I'm really

happy it's Friday I feel like I'm

getting a little bit sick last night

when I went to sleep my throat was kind

of hurting a little bit and then this

morning it's still kind of hurting and I

feel like and my nose is just a little

stuffy so I just hope that why is this

there's like six things for your price

books that are out and I have my price

bugs hidden interesting I don't know it

happened oh yeah I'm I hope I'm not

getting sick I have a cough drop in my

mouth right now I just finished making

copies for my spelling test today I did

print out yesterday the labels for my

books because like I said it was a

horrible idea to not how labels in mouth

cut them out and tape them that was

horrible ideas so I'm gonna go ahead and

start taping those right now


hey guys so it's after school on Friday

I am running safe mmm like 45 minutes

and then I'm gonna go home actually I'm

gonna go get girls repack up and then

I'm gonna go home um today I totally

forgot that my school buys scholastic

news and I haven't been using them and I

started using them last week and I'm

loving it

when when I was still in college the

kindergarten teacher here really took me

under her wing I've said this a lot

probably but she did and she would let

me come in on Fridays cuz Fridays is

when I didn't have school that semester

I think and she wouldn't let me come in

and do like like teach this like do like

a little lesson with us every single

Friday and I felt like they gave me so

much experience and made me feel so it

made me feel comfortable in the

classroom and I just got like feedback

from her and it was just great so I feel

like I have a special place in my heart

for scholastic news because of it today

we also write a book and I posted an

Instagram about it I loved it it was

such a cute book and it's called world

pizza and it's about a mom in the family

they are out watching the stars and the

mom makes a wish on a star and she tries

to wish for world peace but actually

saying I wish for world peace she's

nieces so it sounds like I wish for

world pizza so science bring me pizza

and it just goes on and talks about how

it made everything better and I just

really liked that my students really

liked it and it's just a good book so I

definitely recommend that book okay so

this week with our C kill'uh curriculum

we kind of started doing informational

writing so this unit is all about

nonfiction so we learned about a lot of

animals and then this week it had them

kind of pick an animal to write about

and they had to describe what it looks

like what it feels like what it sounds

like where it lives what it eats and

stuff like that so now we got a little

bit of practice writing informational

text I want to go ahead and start


words and informational writing about a

president so Presidents Day is the 18th

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have that

day off but we don't have a day off

because instead we have the 21st and the

22nd offer for rodeo yep

rodeo so that's I think I'm pretty sure

that's only a Tucson thing the rodeo

comes to town and everybody gets those

days off I want to have the reports I

don't know if I want to comment parts I

think I do

done by 20s because like again we don't

have school 21st or the 22nd and I kind

of want to make it a big deal so I have

this craft to read and set up we are

gonna be learning about Abraham Lincoln

and George Washington that's because

those are kind of the resources I have

on hand already so I'm gonna be

assigning one of those two presidents to

my students and and I think I'm gonna

pair them up so they'll learn about them

by reading about them and whatnot and

they'll they'll put together a paper and

maybe in a presentation so like a poster

presentation and I'll have them present

to the class about it I'm still like

toying with that ideas so I'll

definitely give it more thought over the

weekend but yeah I've been wanting to do

more research projects like that I can

integrate more science and social

studies top and social studies topics

here my classroom I'm just kind of

waiting around here cuz my my grocery

order is not ready I was on Instagram

the other day and I saw that Josie from

maniacs in the middle posted something

about having a pre-test I think using

her story and then they have a post as

after the unit's over so that just hit

me like why am I not doing that like I

have tests but I don't have pre tests so

now we're actually gonna start up a new

math unit next week before we even

started I want to have a pretest on it

and the book that I have for tests that

goes along with our math curriculum has

two versions of a test it has a test a

taste and has it has eight and then a

test B so that way I can kind of see

where they're at where we even start

learning about the topic and then I can

see how much they grew or didn't grow

after we finish up the

till we finish up the unit and that way

I can target students that need that

concept to be retaught and does work

more in a smaller group setting so I

want to do that

I also saw on Instagram yesterday I hope

I took a screenshot of it but it's like

a level of understanding for students so

it had like hand signal so one two three

and four one was like I can do it with

miss blinks help so in this case it'd be

I can do with my sandals help number two

is I forgot and then I forgot and then

the fourth pun was I can teach someone

this concept so I kind of want to start

doing that I feel like it'd be really

helpful I kind of already do it but not

in that explicit way I just kind of say

okay you can do it by yourself and you

feel good about it go ahead and do it at

your seats or somewhere else in the room

if you think you need a little bit I

don't know what happened um if you think

you need a little bit of help then go

ahead and stay on the carpet with me so

I have my group that needs a little bit

more help or just likes that X or likes

knowing that if they need help I'm there

close to them I have them at the carpet

and then everybody else is around the

room and that works well but I would

want to see their but I want it to be

more specific more explicit so I want to

see you like one two or three or four so

I'm going to go ahead and look that up

and if I find it I'll put a screenshot

of here and I'll also have a link down

below if I can't find it I also want to

start doing um I feel like what these

are called clickers Blitzers

but basically every student has their

own and it's great for multiple-choice

questions right on the spot so the idea

is that every kid gets their paper so

you can see has like ABC over it and the

so I'll see a question out loud it'll

say the answer is C they'll hold the

side of a half C like that up on top and

then with a phone or a tablet or a

smartphone or whatever you have on hand

you scan the room and right away you can

see what students got put it right and

what students got it wrong and you can

see what they answered so if you like

that would be really great for things in

my phonics curriculum example this week

we were learning about the box ER so er

a R & R and I would say words and the

curriculum and the Kirk

wanted me to say words and they wanted

them to identify what bossy are a

combination a hat and we did play sticky

ball with it we did some other things

with it but if you like doing this once

in a while it would really give me sense

of knowing who understands and who

doesn't because that way they're just

not following what their friends do or

just throwing the ball just to throw it

and hope that they get it right that way

I know exactly they know it and I think

don't know it um

this app I'll have it right here because

I forgot what it's called um it is free

of the free version only allows you to

ask five questions per quiz and they

have paid a version and I think I'm

paying it I think it's like five hours a

month I'm paying it currently because

they want to give it a try and then I'm

gonna consider whether it's worth it or


but as of now I have not tried it yet

I'm gonna go ahead and make right now

they're just in regular papers but I'm

gonna go ahead and make them in

cardstock and I like to highlight the

letters in different colors that way

it's easier for students only thing is I

know I don't want to laminate them

because last year when I was trying them

someone told me that the glare makes it

hard for the camera to pick up the

answers and they know they also sell

these versions on Amazon like a thick

thicker paper or it's like laminated but

in matte lamination so I'll look into

that depending on whether I like this or

not I'll look into that right now I just

don't know where I'm gonna have students

put it because they have a ton of things

to notice already and some of them are

like really bad like they're not

organized whatsoever so my students have

their math workbook la notebook

interactive notebooks whiteboard reader

that we have for a curriculum headphones

in their toolbox so if you like that's a

lot of things but maybe just one more

thing would not be back I can maybe even

put up the El Corte on the back of it

and they can just have it on the side of

their desk alright so that's it for

today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it

and if you did please give this video a

thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if

you haven't

and I will see you guys in my next vlog