How to become a .net developer?

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hello I'm Roger Amon welcome to our

daughter training academy today we are

going to talk about the career path of developer so the first thing that

you need to know and you should know

where is your key and what is your area

so you need to pick any specific domain

area or area something like web desktop

mobile game I of Jesus seriously there

are a lot of areas in software

developments like in not only in dotnet

in all kind of platforms like Java

Python and when it comes to a specific

dotnet developer it's really essential

to know where is your part some people

focus on become focus on on jobs placing

in a job so they they are always

intended and they always meant to focus

on choosing a web development because

there are a lot of vacancies and lot of

hype on web and Atlas and mobile


so in dotnet web development and mobile

development is the best and outstanding

tools and outstanding languages and

outstanding frameworks are there

so for rest of the people those who are

not employees those are the people's

those who are freelancing those who are

trying to fill then own company some

people like entrepreneurs so for them

it's really essential to know their

career I mean the pot so because they

need to excuse they are an entrepreneur

need to be be an all wrong and they need

to manage their cool ideas the company

and also the development so it's really

a hard task

the white as usual when it comes to

freelance you need to if you wanted to

survive as a freelancer you need to know

multiple technologies like web

development mobile development so I'll

give my suggestion for this video and

the part that you need to learn the


I'll give you an idea and how how to

become a dotnet developer in various

areas so first we are going to talk

about web development yes of course it

is essential to know the HTML CSS and

JavaScript which is the fundamental and

basic build backbone of web development

so hTML is used HTML markup language is

used to create a structure for a website

and see this is a cascading style sheet

which is used to create and design a

style and apply styles for our website

and Java Script is for user interactions

like drop-down menus and click and hover

kind of stuffs and when it comes to web

development which means which means the most of the people are more

than 80 percentage of the of the

developers now are using c shop as a web

as their programming language for web

development in dotnet but there are also

other languages like Visual Basic and

Visual Basic and F shop I don't think so

we shall basic is the another option but

c-sharp is good one so I prefer you to

pick with a stick with C sharp and C

sharp is the backbone for entire dotnet

whatever the development area right now

it is very very very very cool

whatever they like mobile desktop and

universal platform and IOT gain whatever

she shall place a biggest role and SQL

yes it is really essential to know SQL

there are also another area in dart net

development which is like SQL Developer

which is used as a data analysis and

also for business intelligence this is

so that's not really a kind of a

development it's kind of like an

analytical stuff so maybe this is

related to this video but let's be on

Disko but it is essential to know SQL

for becoming a web developer because SQL

is used SQL database and which is used

to manage data and all the all our

images blobs and all our text on all our

sessions and login registrations kind of

selves and when it comes to SQL

you need to learn about SQL Server

management studio which is a database

management system made for dotnet

and then led framework

entity framework is a or object

relational mapping which which reduces

and which makes a life lot easier on

writing raw SQL codes which makes our

life simpler by interacting us our

entire concept in an object-oriented way

so the so we all know that the world is

will has changed every programming

languages in object-oriented way so so

the database concepts and the database

SQL query concepts also changed in a

real life manner like object-oriented

way so it is really good thing to learn

entity framework so and the next stuff

is MVC which is a Model View

controller design pattern and it is a

number one web development framework for

Darkman developers even though there are

a lot of stuffs a lot of other options

like these better third webpages web

forms ASP pages in the past but this

brought an MVC and they spirit read core

which is newly released stuff is the

number one web development framework for

becoming for development in there is

better so this is this is the things

that you need to know and this is the

learning theory learning path to become

a web developer in topic area so next is

mobile developer when it comes to mobile

development see shop is really basically

so yes of course you can do anything

that you want though you can do using

objective-c or Swift or Java for iOS and

Android you can do all the things using

C shop so there are two different kinds

do different areas in

development in c-sharp I mean dotnet the

first thing you need to know is xamarin

xamarin is the platform and ever

institute which is used to develop and

native cross-platform applications where

you can build Android iOS and also

Windows applications using xamarin so

native cross-platform tool for a mobile

development you can write your code ones

and you can share your stuffs into love

other other platforms like iOS Mac I

mean Apple sorry Android and also

Windows you are using a native API so

you can get the real native applications

of the even though there are a lot of

cross platforms like ionic Cordova but

it's not as good as salmon because

salmon is purely native and salmon

thought-forms is a easy way of

developing a user interface in using a

shared code using dotnet for dotnet

mobile development as a marine forms is

basically used for building user

interactions sam'l is the markup

language which is used to create the

UI's UI concepts and other lenders in

mobile development we are Samri you need

to know about the Mobile's like Android

iOS and windows yeah you need some

knowledge about those kind of

technologies and now it's about desktop

application developer which means

software which is used in the desktop

you were here about exe or msi fan of

stuffs yes of course it is essential to


c-sharp to be more clear c-sharp is

really essential to become

developer you need to know about all the

concepts of c-sharp like object-oriented

basic programming concepts and also

object-oriented and also advanced

features like delegate events attributes

reflection async and a weight a

synchronous programming in C shop and

also something like generics and

collections cannot stress so in desktop

application you need to know there there

are two kinds of desktop development one

is windows forms and also windows

presentation forms though windows

presentation forms are lot better than

windows forms

I prefer you to strictly get give it a

try in Windows presentation form because

it gives you rich graphical user

interface and the extra thing that you

need to know other than c-sharp to

become desktop application developer

which is sam'l a markup language made

for desktop developers it's really very

similar to XML and a little bit of HTML

so if you know about HTML or XML you can

easily pick up sam'l because it's not

rocket science it's really easy and then

it's obviously any D framework as I said

as I told before entity framework is a

back-end which means a back-end or which

is used for all type of database stuffs

right now in currently in case with

dotnet development and the other area

other than windows presentation form we

are also having a universal Windows

platform which is an all in own hero you

can once you develop an application in

one platform I mean one business logic

can be applied to all the

windows stuff's like windows forms more

business forms and the desktop and IOT

and Xbox game you can share that to

everything so that's the magic of

universal Windows platform so you can do

all the cool stuff in one platform so

that's the desktop application developer

and the next thing is to become how to

become a game developer so to become a

game developer in dotnet it is essential

to know C sharp as usual for scripting

kind of selves and the first thing is

you have to know about the basics of

computer graphics and animations like

there are a lot of algorithms and

computer graphics basics kind of like

pixels and graphical XYZ 2d and 3d kind

of stuff so you need to know about the

physics and the motions physics and the

animations and kind of stuffs so in this

and next thing is unity unity is the IDE

and to which is used to develop a game

either in 2d or in 3d it is an

number-one game development tool

currently and it is very very helpful it

is very very related and closely coupled

with dotnet and Visual Studio so it is

the first thing that you need to know is

to learn about the interface and ID ID

controls like shortcuts and the file

settings and the layout settings of your

IDE and how you track your game and how

the emotions and of you wanted to

perform your keys and controls so you

need to know about the entire interface

of that unity IDE and after that you

need to know about the scripting how to

control your game animation physics and

your motion kind of steps using such a

programming language so this is and this

is these are all the areas on dotnet and

it's up to you to pick any area and go

to it when you ask about the employment

job vacancies and salaries on these

areas I would say web and mobile is at

number one so thanks for watching please

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