How to pass a Drug Test in (1/3 days)

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what's going on YouTube Midwest reviews

here coming to you guys with another

video today's video is gonna be

something a little different it's not

gonna be a life story

it's not gonna be necessarily a tip it's

gonna be an info a straight video a full

full of information what we're gonna be

talking about is how to pass a drug test

okay this will work for any drug out

there okay you need to know one thing

though you need to look up on Google

whatever drug you're trying to get out

of your system look up how long it

typically lasts in your system so if

it's weed it's usually like a week or

two if it's DAB's is usually like I'm if

it's usually a month if it's like other

drugs which I'm not gonna name because

this is YouTube then you know it might

be two days it might be a week this