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there are two ways to pass a urine drug test. The first is to mask any

metabolites in the urine. This can be done successfully on the day of the test.

The second way is to clean any marijuana metabolites from the system completely.

But this process will take at least seven days. Either way works well and

we're going to tell you about methods for both of them. How to pass a drug test

the same day. To start with you need to understand how drug testing works. Put

simply drug tests work by detecting THC metabolites in the urine. The

standard cutoff level of a drug test is 50 nanograms per milliliter this means

that if the concentration of the metabolites is below the cutoff level

the test won't detect it. So what you need to do is to lower the concentration of

metabolites below the cutoff level. But you'll also need to keep the urine

specific gravity and creatinine levels in the normal range. If they're out of

the normal range then your urine sample will be rejected as diluted. Method 1:

dilution and aspirin. For this method you'll need: electrolyte powder - this

helps keep the specific gravity of the urine within the normal range, creatine

ethyl ester supplement - this helps to keep the creatinine levels within the

normal range, vitamin b2 or b12 supplement - this gives urine its natural

color, aspirin. Research shows that taking

aspirin before a drug test can produce a false negative. The

instructions for this method. Take two aspirin tablets around four to six hours

before the test. Three hours before the test take the following two things: 10