How to pass a drug test for opiates | Ecstasy | Amphetamines | Crack

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I know what subs going on my peoples man

wassup man I hope you're doing good out

there alright man look I appreciate all

the comments all the lights all the

subscribes man like I really really

appreciate what you guys are doing man

and you know I'm keepin out good content

man because you know y'all loving it and

you know you're taking it in you're

passing our drug test and I really

appreciate that you know it makes me

want to keep going it makes me want to

keep rolling the channel man so really

appreciate that man but anyway in this

video I'm talking about how to pass a

drug test for opiates I'm saying this is

something I really haven't touched on I

touched on a lot of stuff man um pretty

much every drug test blood saliva hair

cocaine we nicotine everything you know

but I didn't really talk about you know