How to Beat a Blood or Urine Test in a DWI

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today I'm going to talk about blood and

urine tests especially with respect to

DWI cases you might think that if you

gave a blood or urine sample after a DWI

arrest that if the result comes back at

a point zero eight or more that you must

be guilty and it's not even worth

challenging but that's not right we've

had a lot of cases where we've actually

had samples retested by an independent

lab and lo and behold those results have

come back under a point zero eight or

under a point two zero whatever the

relevant part is that could make a huge

difference because it can lead to your

DWI getting dismissed or the charges

being lowered in your case and it can

also mean that your your revocation

times for how long you revoked under the

implied consent law can go way down or

even be undone and you might be able to