K9 Unit and Fido.. How to Trick Drug Sniffing Dogs

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Oh hi I'm bill at Highland Hill farm in

duals town Pennsylvania and I believe

that a person in a free country should

be allowed the [ __ ] himself up I don't

just you know may say that you know

nonchalantly I believe if you want to

smoke dope and you're in this country

you should be allowed now I don't smoke

dope and I never really have but I'm

going to tell you this if you want to

screw yourself up this is the country

that you should be allowed to do it in

but with the way the government is the

government doesn't like narcotics

because it can't tax it so today I'm

going to give you some tips on how to

fort a police dog in its search of your

premises for marijuana whether it's your

car or your house whatever what I want

to suggest you today is do the following

take some marijuana pulverize it grind