How to: EASILY Beat a Double Team in Basketball!

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what's up Hooper's this coach hours from

Fink pro basketball in today's video

we're gonna go over how to beat a double

team alright guys well like I said we're

gonna be talking about ways that you can

beat a double team I've got buddy and

I've got guy out here to illustrate what

the double team is going to look like

now when you're being double team that

means the defense is trapping you trying

to force a turnover make you to make a

bad decision right throw the ball out of

bounds so it over you know to the other

team whatever it may be

but they're trying to force you to do

something you are uncomfortable doing ok

so the first thing I want to talk about

is protecting the ball whether you've

used your dribble or you haven't used

your dribble yet ok so protecting the