How to pass DOT drug test

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I thought today's videos was over but

got another video for you how to pass a

drug test so a lot of questions comments

on all the videos to pertain to how do

we purchase man this chariot do they got

the hair follicle what type of drug

testing they do how far do I go back I

don't use no jewels I just want to know

how far the hair follicle goes back many

days you know everybody I know fits

we've seen fill a hair follicle

yeah I've even got testing whatsoever

when I was at night transportation

everybody felt a hair follicle field in

the class before they even got the damn

test because they went like this they

would ask questions they would ask the

back because I used to do draws but I

stopped now and the guy was safe goes

back about five years and they were [ __ ]

huh five years now three make it up and