Playing Poker Against Maniacs (beginners, bad players, fish)

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hey guys it's Alec Torelli welcome back

to an episode of the hand of the day


this one comes from Gareth who's part of

our conscious poker elite mastermind

program it was a program we ran with 20

people from around the world and I'm

grateful that he shared this hand with

us it's an awesome hand in this video

I'm really gonna try and talk about how

to play poker verse maniacs bad players

fish and things like that because I know

it's a spot that a lot of people face in

small mid stakes cash games where you're

up against an opponent he does something

random and you really don't know what to

do so this is a good example of that

we're playing one dollar one dollar two

dollar with a four dollar straddle so

it's already a live poker game Gareth

finds himself in the hijack and he ops 2