I took a Dollar Store Drug Test while Smoking Weed

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this video is for mature audience if

you're not a mature audience go take a

drug test what's up everybody

Cubans here and on today's video we are

going to take a dollar store drug test I

got this assured at home marijuana drug

test from the Dollar Tree and for a

dollar we're gonna find out if I've been

smoking weed or not it says it's 98%

accurate and we should get results in

five minutes so this will be able to let

me know but I'm actually terrible at

taking tests one thing that I need to do

before I take a test to help me focus is

they like to get high so I know we're

taking a drug test but I'm not gonna be

able to do it if I'm not high

and the dip device definitely helps me

with that

so I figure we just get SuperDuper high

take a few ribs back to back here and