How To Beat The Diamond and 1 Basketball Press Defense

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hello basketball coaches in basketball

players my name is Alan from Al's

basketball training and today I'm going

to talk to you about how you can beat

the 1 2 1 1 diamond press break or press

defense now from there the Raptors used

the diamond press a little while ago and

they were extremely successful they came

back from a 30 point deficit to win the

game which is insane it was their

biggest comeback ever and you can do

this as well with that press however if

you're the team that's ahead and another

team is running a 1 to 1 one you're

gonna want to know this these presses

are these press breaks and you also want

to know basically how to beat it very

simply I'm gonna give you the kill zone

as well so let's get down to the

clipboard let's check this out

ok so the one thing that the Raptors did