How to test your blood glucose (sugar) levels

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prepare your kit you will need a meter

test strips a finger pressure or lancing

device a Lancet cotton wool and a

monitoring diary to record the results

step 1 wash your hands first make sure

your hands are thoroughly dry before

starting the test load a new Lancet into

the finger pressure or lancing device

snaps in there

load a test strip into the blood glucose

meter this will switches off as you put

the test strip in click your finger at

the sides as it's less painful than at

the tip or at the pad so break it on the

sides just here give a little squeeze

not too hard if you need squeezed too

hard then take another test and prick

your finger again just check the machine

is on before you put the blood on to the

strip the result should appear within a

few seconds and there we go it's a