How To Fix a Dented Chrome Bumper. Repairing Dented/Pushed in Bumper -Jonny DIY

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what's up youtubers Johnny DIY here

today I'm gonna be showing you guys how

to fix a dented and pushed in chrome

bumper if you guys are new to this

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guys let's get to it

alright now as you can see over here on

the left corner my bumper there's a nice

good dent and it's kind of pushed in and

this thing is kind of messed up someone

backed into me and of course didn't

leave a note so we're gonna fix this

let's pull this thing out and fix this

dent will come under here to assess the

damage now I think I'm going to be able

to get to this dent without pulling off

the whole bumper but if you need to

there's just one two three four bolts

down here and then two on each side