How to pop a dent in a plastic bumper at home. NOT HOT WATER!

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how a heat gun and a 2x4 can fix that

dent in this video hi everyone welcome

back to the channel I hope you are

having a fantastic day one of the great

things of course the Gabi photobomb me

on the showroom floor but anyways one of

the greatest things I love to do is help

my clients out after the sale now where

most salespeople sit here and be like

hey we sold the car and then pretty much

see you later

and by no means is this a bracket issues

comment or a vlog post to Pat myself on

the back or anything like that I'm just

showing you that there are great

salespeople out there all across the

country they've got your back I'm not

the only one I promise you I try trust

me I have a lot of people out there so

let me show you what I am talking about

I sold this Tahoe to an extremely