How To Beat EVERY Defender 1v1

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you have the ball you look up you see

the defender isolated today we'll show

you the stages of beating a defender 1v1

you're watching all attack stage 1

recognize this situation the first step

to beating someone one-on-one is to look

up and make sure it's actually a

one-on-one if there's three players in

your way then it's probably not a good

idea to try and dribble them all but if

you see that the defender is isolated

without much cover behind them then this

may be your moment to take them on


Stage two dribble at them once you've

decided to take them on use the nudge to

dribble straight at the defender the

nudge is a dribbling technique that

allows you to run with speed while

keeping the ball close dribbling at your

opponent forces them to engage either