Beat Any Defender Off The Dribble | Skills Training | PGC Basketball

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Tylar Causton here director of player

development with PG C Baskerville got my

man Jason Wells pgc director and we are

going to unlock the secret of how to

beat a defender off the dribble

here it is use their speed against them

we're gonna unpack the cleverness that

can give you the appearance of quickness

even when your defenders quicker than

you now most of you right now are trying

to blow by a defender wrong you're doing

what everyone else does what your coach

has told you to do and here's the thing

you will never gain an advantage if you

do what everybody else does but you can

gain an advantage if you do things

different most players attack on the

left side of the floor with the ball on

their outside hand their left hand

because they're more comfortable that

way they can protect the basketball and