How To Beat DDOS Attacks On Rainbow Six Siege! - Xbox One Phantom Sight (WE BEAT THEM)

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Robbie few real on for really forever

and I don't mean Netflix and chill I'm

talking Sasha like breakfast than

breakfast and chill it's not gone he's

not gonna running yes honey buddy

you're solely just lawfully moved this

is so [ __ ] gay bro

why do [ __ ] people you're so [ __ ]

[ __ ] at the game I have a memory oh they

would have done it whenever we plan it

whenever they planned it but they

haven't got a plant down yeah [ __ ]

well if they hit it mid-round we win

we'll get our you oh that Luisi well I

think that it's how much comes in at

once so if they stop hitting and then

start it again

it did won't they won't matter it'll be

the same thing as this they're gonna

take us all the way to overtime and win

every attack round yeah stretch the