How to Deal with Cunning Deceitful Manipulative People

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hi this is part 2 of how to deal with

difficult people this part I decided to

talk about cunning deceitful

manipulators or what I like to call

CDMS first of all I have to be clear on

the fact that I'm not a psychologist I

am a business consultant with experience

working around difficult people I made

up the term cunning deceitful

manipulator I don't think it's out there

in literature and I called its idioms

for short it might not be the correct

scientific description for the difficult

personality I'm talking about but I try

to use the words that might best

describe this person now my purpose is

to share my experiences dealing with

this type of people and the people who

exhibit similar behavior here I will try

to define what I mean by cunning

deceitful manipulators or CDMS for short