How to Hack Your CPAP and Keep Your Private Data OUT OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY'S HANDS

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hey guys what's up Billy cardigan here

as you know I was recently diagnosed

with sleep apnea and I was prescribed

this CPAP machine which is really great

to the mass that provides me a

continuous positive airway pressure is

like sleep really hopefully to sleep

cuts out the storm however my insurance

company has promised that they will take

my machine from me if I don't use it

enough I brought in an expert

Edmund winter who's going to show me how

I can help to keep the Machine yes let

me see this

so this is the Philips Respironics

dream station and as you can see right

here this one actually has a cellular

modem in it why would they need that so

they use the cellular modem so that your

insurance company can monitor your sleep