How To Beat Almost Any Court Case

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I don't got my tripod man so I got a

hold of my hair

I don't like ya I had to come get that

y'all real quick it's my birthday but I

don't celebrate my birthday celebrate my

birthday that's against the laws of the

most high that sell for [ __ ] but anyways

to the point I wanted to make them may

you can be almost any court case but you

got to do it from the jump phone you

gotta come strong from the jump by you

if there's any court case that don't

involve an intra-party you might hurt

somebody you won't damage somebody

property then with this if you use this

correctly you get home sometimes there's

still railroad which means no matter

what they still you know they do what

they do they railroad you they do it

they do that a lot you from but this can

beat a lot of court case this can end a