How to Beat a Mayweather-Style Fighter (Lean Back/Pull Counter)

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what's going on guys Shane here today

we're going to talk about how to be a

Mayweather cell fighter and what I mean

by that is someone who utilizes the poke

counter a lot and leans back when you

throw an attack so we're going to go

over different strategies and techniques

to beat someone who uses this style okay

before we cover ways to beat someone

uses the poke counter

let's first break it down and try to

understand it talk about Floyd

Mayweather strategy has a very wide base

why because he doesn't need mobile for

work he doesn't chase people around he

likes when his opponents come to him

throw a shot he can evade and count okay

he stands in the Philly shell stance so

the lead arm is down other hand up

protecting the head and then he sticks

his chin out baits his opponent to throw