How to: Mouth swab for TreatGxPlus

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Aurra collect DNA is designed for the

soft collection and stabilization of DNA

from human oral samples each Ora collect

DNA packaging contains one collection

kit for single-use donor should not eat

drink smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes

before collecting sample open package

from the end with the open here arrow

remove collector by its handle from the

packaging ensure the sponge tip does not

come into contact with any surface prior

to collection place sponge is far back

in the mouth as comfortable cautions

should be used when inserting sponge

into mouth to avoid choking rub along

lower guns in a back-and-forth motion

gently rub ten times in total

repeat rubbing motion on opposite side

along lower gums for another ten times

hold the tube upright to prevent the

blue liquid inside the tube from