3 Ways To Deal With Business Competition

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Three Ways To Deal With Business Competition.

Now, don't you just hate competition?

Now, if you are just starting out, you are probably

competing with companies and businesses that are

more established, that have more resources,

they have been around longer, or if you are the leader

in your sector, in your industry, in your category,

chances are you also have new companies coming

into your industry trying to take market share from you,

trying to take customers from you, right?

They offer different types of products.

In business, we cannot avoid it.

We are dealing with competition everyday.

So today I want to share with you some

of my unique perspectives when it comes to dealing

with competition, and just the way I view competition.

First of all, the competition that you think

is your competition is not your only competition.

What do I mean by that?

Think about if, let's say you run a local gym membership.

Right, you run a local gym and you sell gym memberships,