Common Cold - What Is A Cold - What Is A Virus - Viral Infection

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what is a common cold the common cold is

brought on by a viral infection

over 200 types of viruses can cause a

problem some symptoms include runny nose

sneezing headache raise temperature sore

throat cough and even red and dyes there

is no cure for it and antibiotics have

no effect against the viruses Cole

remedies do nothing to fight the virus

but sometimes they can provide a little

relief the common cold is spread in air

as Tiny mucus droplets coughed or

sneezed by those infected also from

person to person through contact such as

shaking hands or sharing objects like

cups or silverware many viruses can

survive up to 18 hours in the

environment and be picked up by people's

hands and carried to their eyes nose or

mouth now let's take a look at what

happens once we catch the cold or virus