5 ways to stop a cold before it starts

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the last flu season was brutal and

doctors are saying it's too early to

predict the severity of this flu season

but there are some steps you can take to

avoid getting sick and Haley Hernandez

is here with some helpful tips good

morning good morning guys so according

to the CDC symptoms of the flu include

fever or chills cough sore throat body

aches headaches and fatigue cold

symptoms while you still probably feel

terrible are usually milder than the flu

and come with a runny or stuffy nose but

here are the ways you can load up your

arsenal to fight off whatever you come

in contact with during winter low

humidity dries out your nasal passages

but experts say a humidifier can help

your body to trap germs before they

invade your system oranges and OJ help

because it's packed with vitamin C zinc