4 Tips And Tricks CONFIRMED To Beat A RIGGED Claw Machine! (Win Almost EVERYTIME From An E Claw!)

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hey what's up guys club boss here and

today I'm gonna show you tips and tricks

on how to beat the equal now remember

these are not foolproof methods you

don't always win when you're trying to

challenge an equal so keep that in mind

as we go inside I'm not going to win all

the time

but I'm gonna give you ideas on how you

can possibly beat any club let's go


tip number one you want to search the

area you want to find an e claw that is

packed pretty much to the top has good

prizes and it are pretty good of it be

able to go to MP equal or an equal that

has like big huge prizes that you can't

really pick up you're never going to win

those they're like a 1 in like a million

chance of winning