4 Hacks To Beat A Speeding Ticket in court. Get Your Tickets Cops give you Dismissed.

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this Christy Idaho painter in this video

I'm going to teach you four simple ways

how to beat your speeding ticket and I

know some of you out there wondering how

a simple painter from Boise Idaho will

teach you how to beat a speeding ticket

and I'm going to tell you right now well

a long time ago I used to be a law

enforcement officer right here in Boise

Idaho in the Treasure Valley I worked

for the Boise City Police Department and

the ADA County Sheriff's Department I've

given out hundreds of speeding tickets

and I've also gotten to court myself on

speeding tickets and vinum and now I'm

going to tell you the secrets for

secrets how you can actually beat your

speeding ticket so stay tuned right now

so here we go with the four secrets how

to beat a speeding ticket and before I

start with this I don't condone speeding