How to beat your kids Tutorial! Entertainyoself Wednesday

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hey y'all y'all know what today is is

entertaining yourself Wednesday you know

how we do I got a crew today I got to

drop the school but today is a different

day because I have to do a presentation

at school so I'm working on my

presentation skills right now and I had

to elicit some help because I have three

girls at school just present with me so

I got my kids today in in telling

yourself Wednesday so today I'm gonna

teach you how to beat your kids you

can't just be beating all of them you

got to tell them why you beat know why

you beating them I told you not to do

whatever anyway kind of that's reason

why some of y'all's kids be falling out

and why mine may follow it on the floor

and in carrying on what you're supposed

to kick I mean pick them back up off the

float and do something that I call the