How To Beat A Narcissist Without Needing To Expose Them Or Make Them Admit They Are Wrong

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hi and welcome to thriver TV the place

to break free from NASA cystic abuse

with quantum tools and understandings

and just before I get started I'd like

to say such a special thank you to the

beautiful Laura and I'm wearing your

earrings that you sent me for my

birthday so thank you you're such a

gorgeous gorgeous girl you really are

all righty so let's get started on this

week's topic narcissist

trigger us into more things than just

despair and feeling powerless we feel

mad violated taken as a fool manipulated

and lied to in fact I think there are

very few things that make people is

angry it's feeling deceived and betrayed

narcissists do all of that in ways that

we couldn't even imagine having happened

to anyone let alone ourselves it's just

awful and of course we want to stop them