Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy 1 Basics of Modified Martingale

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good evening everybody this is the long

awaited update to my win roulette nearly

every time video series we're going to

condense it clean it up we actually have

a real roulette table and a real cheap

mini roulette wheel we have my lovely

assistant Shao lei shall be our dealer

tonight this is her first time being a

dealer so her round of applause there

and basically it is going to be my take

on the martingale system video one here

will be a strait original plain

martingale system video two will be a

little bit more of a complicated version

of it that basically lets you win three

times as much and a single sitting

however version two the more complicated

version I only recommend playing if you

pretty much have the entire roulette

table to yourself so go out a less busy

time because you do not want to get