How to Beat A Car Salesman in Negotiation FROM a Car Salesman

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what is going on guys my name is chase

and welcome back to intelligent money

investing today we're gonna be talking

about something a little bit different

because I get a very valuable valuable

piece of information to share with you

guys and that's gonna be when the best

time to buy a car is when you're trying

to get a cheap price on it we know a lot

of people hate dealing with car dealers

these days because of the negotiation

process and a lot of people walk out

thinking they get ripped off so I'm

gonna tell you guys when you can have

the most advantage in a negotiation with

a car dealer how you're gonna do that

because I do have an inside track on the

knowledge of how a car dealership

operates my family is in car sales and

I'm also working for an auto company now

and we recently went on a dealership