Capricorn Anger ♑️

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hey everyone this is our Capricorn today

I will be discussing a capricorns anger

it takes a lot for a Capricorn

to actually get angry because when we

reach that point oh man

it's hard to go back to our mellowness

and so definitely for us we don't try to

reach that level

Capricorn strive to be level-headed

we don't like to get angry because we

don't like people to see us sweat or we

don't like people to see that vulnerable

side of us when we do get angry and

capricorns man you just don't want it

with a Capricorn Linda Avery so

Capricorn's our patient to a fault and

so if you see a Capricorn angry actually

angry with someone just know that that

person has done a lot to get us to that

point many type of corns we we don't we

don't like that feeling that we get when