How to respond to a Traffic Ticket in Washington State

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hey guys I want to talk to you real

quick today about the three ways that

you can go about responding to a traffic

ticket in the state of Washington now

remember you only have 15 days to

respond to a ticket once you get it so

you got to kind of act quickly but here

are the three options option 1 simply

paying the ticket not a great option

here's why you're admitting guilt and

the ticket is going on you're driving

right when it goes on your driving

record it affects your insurance rates

and so your insurance rates are you're

gonna raise if you just simply admit

guilt and pay the full fine now option 2

still not great but a little better is

to request what's called a mitigation

here a mitigation hearing you're saying

hey I'm ok with the ticket going on my

record I just want to slice reduction in