Baking Magic Tips 16 - sponge cakes - Genoise

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people who make Shen was and sponge

cakes are often disappointed with the

result of the cake because it doesn't

have a wonderful spongy texture the

secret to success is the way in which

you beat the eggs with the sugar so I'm

going to show you how to do it it's

really quite easy if you have a stand

mixer especially but one of the things

to know is to have the eggs either at

room temperature or slightly warm you

can warm them with the sugar right in

the bowl over some hot water or just let

them sit in a warm spot so we have the

eggs and the sugar and always start

beating on low so it doesn't splash out

of the bowl and then it's going to take

ten minutes to change and to get triple

in volume so we start beating and then

bring up the beater and then just keep

going and you will see that as it gets