#uber #buslane #driverjoe How I got out of a bus lane ticket

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long time no see hi all right I've been

here for a while because I haven't had

much to say doing the same thing day in

day out last time I spoke but this is a

video that I've seen a lot of people

comment about uber groups other taxi

groups to be honest people in general

it's you know it's information that

people might not know or under 27th at

5:34 a.m. of January and I got caught

going into a bus lane and a place called

Warrington don't know that many of yous

never bought any one matters that's

Warrington what can I say and it's not a

very good place being caught speeding

there and about two years ago literally

literally going three miles of the speed

limit and it was a xxx road that went

into a 40 and I thought was already at

the 40 but I hadn't and but because of

the last job I used to jail I was