How To Beat A Bully Movie Trailer

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I'm only 12 and my life is over Cory you

know why we're moving dad lost his job

I've got a new job welcome the better

life insurance this is just our

temporary quarters we call it Neil

butcher it'll be an adventure

I'm moving it now it's full of books

it's brass we have spiders I bought 10

pest motels for bug bomb 3 tarantula

traps I'm getting creamed at school the

best we're quite proud of our little

school I was dude my girl stole my lunch

I'd like to punch his lights out I know

it's tough being the new kid but you

just gotta get your foot in the door we

move from New Jersey right cuz we had to

but Dad medicine we should call an

exterminator I want them dead by

tomorrow night dead and gone so no one

will ever see them again

do you know my quarry be good to him