How to Stop A Bully

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Sociologists have been studying bullying for decades

They just don't call it bully, and they've always called the dominance behavior that it's other people trying to overpower

Others, and it's just like the animal Kingdom. You know the alpha male mentality

That's what's happening on campus, and so when we understand it in terms of dominance behavior

People trying to have power over another that helps us understand what to do about bullying when we really understand what it is

all the bullying experts agree on one thing that bullying is an

Imbalance of power that someone's trying to have power over you they want to see you lose and they want to win

You see the experts say it's an imbalance of power

Let me put it this way. Let's say a bully says they hate your guts. I hate your guts

if you respond out of anger

the bully loves that never

You don't care

That's the point stupid

You see the more upset you get

The more angry you get the more fun. They have

But what would happen if we were resilient everybody say resilient?

What if we were emotionally strong everybody say strong?

What if we were mentally tough everybody say tough?

Then no matter what the hater says

You wouldn't care I hate your guts

That's nice