How to Beat a Bully | SCRAPBOOK MY LIFE

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Welcome to "Scrapbook My Life," where I tell you

an embarrassing story to save you

from making the same embarrassing mistakes I did.

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This is the story of the day I accidentally became a bully.

It was lunch.

My friends and I had been talking and laughing

so much that I barely ate any of my sandwich.

But it was worth it.

I had to tell them all about how crazy "Pirates of the Caribbean

Three" was.

Class was going to start soon, so I got up

to throw my sandwich away.

I was flying pretty high from having so much fun at lunch.

So when I got a couple of feet from the trashcan

I figured I would show off a little bit.

I turned around and threw the rest of the sandwich

over my shoulder.

I watched it fly perfectly towards the trash can.

I knew a couple of kids in the cafeteria were watching,

and they were about to see me totally nail it.