How do you fight a school bully

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hi everyone this master woman back again

tonight we're gonna talk about how to

fight the bully you know you know when

I'm proud young my story of sim you know

when I'm young a lot of people farming a

bully you know I got so much cool it

from best beat me up because I could

kick out school and I'm very young a

scrub because in the inside when the

first day at school somebody talk to me

and they're cropped me I'm as smugly

facing and I beat them up and I go check

out school because I picked them up so

how to fight them now you need to

understand a few thing on dealing with


first I would verbal second then yes

that was physical okay we show u s--

couple scenario here so they're getting

the idea of how to deal it would pull it

so let go you Tara now of course a lot