How To Beat a Boxer in a Street Fight

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What's going on guys? Shane here with another fight tips quick tip.

So the question today is how can I fight and beat a boxer?

someone with good hands, good punch combinations, good head movement? How can I beat someone like that?

Alright the number one move I want to teach you is the penetration shot into the double leg takedown

So let's watch a quick video on how to do that.

"Alright I'm in this sugar stance. One leg forward, one leg behind."

"The front leg is going to be my penetration leg. My back leg is going to be loaded and my drive leg."

"First thing is I want to get all my weight on this back leg, keeping this one nice and light"

"When I go for it I take this big step with my front leg"

"Imma drive my knee to the mat, Imma let this back leg drag"

"It comes up halfway, I step into a sumo squat, and I have my head on his body, and I like to shuffle step"

"This leg is going to get nice and light, I'm going to explode off my back leg, which is my drive leg"

"I'm gonna take a nice big penetration shot in between his legs"

"Here. I'm gonna drive my knee to the mat, and let this back leg just drag for a second"

"Step up halfway, step up halfway, and then cut the corner"

Alright the video was brought to you by My Fight Gym.

Um the penetration shot

Guys you're lowering your level

Getting underneath of the line of fire

They're throwing punches to the head, you're going down, you're keeping your hands up the entire time.

You're shooting in quick, you're closing off the distance, and now you're in grappling range.