Learn How to Beat a Box and 1 Defense!

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when we're talking about special

situations one thing that's really never

brought up very much and you don't you

may only see this once a season maybe

once every five seasons but do you have

a box in one offense that you're really

comfortable with one of the things I've

noticed through the years and coaching

and going to clinics listening to people

talking to other coaches where the high

school or college level is how

unsatisfied they are with their boxing

one offense so I'm going to show you one

that I like that I think has got good

concepts to it some of it has its roots

in dr. Tom Davis's own offense the guy

that was highly successful attacking

zones we've kind of adopted it to a

boxing one offense so before we put the

box out here let's just take our three

men over here he's the guy that's being