What it looks like when you've Beaten BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder

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hi my name is dr. Daniel Fox licensed

psychologist in state of Texas an expert

near of personality disorders and a lot

of folks have been writing me about the

clients that I've had that have been

successful that have overcome a lot of

issues related to BPD and those that

have beaten BPD and I thought let's do a

video to help you with those identifiers

in those markers and I think that a good

example of that is car commercials right

because in car commercials that they

don't show you what the car looks like

when it's in repair right but they show

you what it looks like when it runs


now in mental health we don't do this

why don't we do this why aren't we

setting up markers or identifiers so

that clients and individuals know what

to look for what are indicators and a