How To Beat The Bookie - Don't Be A Sucker

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are you the type of player that only bet

your favorite teams no matter what the

line is then your Osaka when you're

getting crushed for the week do you

think you'll just keep doubling up till

you get even yeah you're gonna get even

even worse and you're a septa or you

wanted a that sends $29.99 to some

slick marketing tout service because

they guarantee you a winner here's my

guarantee you're gonna be out thirty

bucks and again you're a sucker I'm John

Massey and 14 years old I was already

running Paulie tickets and right betting

slips for my old man by the time I was

20 I was making a lion on games now let

me put my 40-plus years of experience to

work for you I've had to beat the bookie

I'll show you how the pros handicap the

games and why we went so don't be a

sucker and learn how to beat the book