SKYRIM How To Kill A Blood Dragon #34 Commentary + Tutorial

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hey guys Xbox here and again a lot of

you guys always ask hey can you post for

you guys are killing blood dragons or

where I'm killing dragons and whatnot so

here again I fought another just random

blood dragon I was actually out doing a

quest this thing was trying to mob on me

so I figured hey let's go ahead and kill

it and you know see what we can get

because sometimes the blood dragons

crashed she dropped some pretty decent

loot so here you know I wasn't quite

sure when the stupid thing was gonna

land every time you hit with dragon red

or whatever I don't know if it's gonna

look at this I don't know if it's gonna

land in the water I don't know if it's

gonna you know land on top of a rock

where I can't get it and of course like

I tried clicking my dragon run but I was

trying to recharge you can see that was