Top 3 Ways to Beat the Blitz

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hey coaches coach Mackey here and

welcome to my channel this channel is

dedicated to the spread offense and if

you enjoy learning about the spread

offense please hit that subscribe button

I'll put a video out every week that

deals with the spread offense and in

today's video I'm going to go over three

ways we attack a defense that runs

either cover one or cover zero and bring

the Blitz because I've gotten some

emails from you all that won me to talk

about what we do so here are the top

three plays we run when I know that a

team is going to bring the heat alright

coach it's the first thing I like to do

if I'm going up against a 3:3 stack team

that is going cover one or cover 0 and

bringing it in I like to go motion with

a wide receiver now what I've drawn up a

three through stack was man free so this