How to Fight Someone Bigger and Stronger Than You - The Trick To Beating Larger Opponents

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we should say hi yeah alright well we'll

work on it

welcome to part 1 of the video series on

how to fight bigger stronger and taller

opponents look huge people can be

dangerous because of their size but in

the vast majority of cases they're just

as easy to beat as any other untrained

or unskilled fighter if you know what

you're doing

so in this four part video series I'm

going to give you an advanced fighting

strategy designed specifically to help

you beat the crap out of any huge people

who might want to fight you easily or

many small people for that matter beat

downs for everyone so the next time some

huge animal snatches your beer and the

fights breaking out instead of soiling

yourself getting bitch-slapped and then

crying on a park bench somewhere you