How To Takedown A Bigger Opponent by Henry Cejudo

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okay guys are here today if you have a

set of wooden huge honor for me guys god

man do we do an infix of harassment

freestyle in 2008 and you have see

current champion so couldn't nobody can

take a flirt tougher than this guy right

sometimes you see like a UFC champ but

it's very rare to find someone who is

like you see gentle and you're asking

gold medal in the Olympics so huge honor

for me and guys today he's gonna show me

here one thing that people always ask in

our forums like how to take down a

bigger opponent and it's gonna be a

great example here because I'm bigger

than him so he's gonna show like what he

likes to do when he's fighting as a

bigger guy so yeah for sure personal you

can tell that I speak Portuguese guys he

also speaks Portuguese Spanish and

English so that's the second nice guy