HOW TO BEAT BIG DEFENDERS | Learn these football skills

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today we'll give you some tips on what

you can do if you're a small attacker

and you find yourself in a right pickle

as you have to go up against a mountain

of a defendant and trying to go past him

might very well end up in you

embarrassing yourself purchased a man is

a moving mountain but thankfully there's

a lot of little stuff you can do to get

the upper hand and baby veneer defendant

the size of Mount Everest number 5 get

the ball between his legs

if the defender has long limbs try to

make the defender move sideways in a

one-on-one situation and there will be

space in between his legs which will beg

you to make the Panna use the confusion

move away unhurt


number four heading to running

competitions this is a bit of an obvious