6 Tips on Fighting A Taller Opponent with Chris Algieri

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what's going on guys Shane here with

former WBO champion Chris Algieri what's

up guys today Chris is going to be

showing you how to fight a taller

opponents we're going to be cover in a

couple different strategies give it a


so something that you often see with

with with a taller guy versus a shorter

guy is that the shorter guy is not as

active from the outside I posed that a

good tactic for our shorter man if

they're really busy with this front hand

and actually jab the lead hand of the

taller fighter this keeps my front hand

busy as well as putting a little bit of

pressure and weight onto my back foot ok

I've seen strikes like my forward hand

it's going to cause me to shift my

weight just just slightly so as you jab

that hand I have a little bit of shift